It's not like LOL Cats but it definitely has something going for it.

In preparation for our Oscar live blog yesterday (if you missed the action, check out the crowd reaction here) I was looking around the web for a picture that would adequately capture the feeling of "Upset!" when a favourite was overlooked (ie. Penn over Rourke). In my browsings through the much despised Google Image Viewer, I stumbled on this funny graphic on the webpage for the South Vancouver Island Classics' Soccer Association. Looks like the picture is a placeholder for potential advertising but something about it had me cracking up and whenever I posted it (and I did, a few times even out of context), I couldn't stop laughing; to the point where I was crying because I was laughing so hard.

And if either the LOL Cats or that picture don't do anything for you (seriously, are you really human?), be sure to check out the even funnier Rolcats which provides English translations for Eastern Bloc LOL Cats. It's even funnier than the originals. Thanks to Jason for bringing them to my attention!


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