Drinking, Tests, Movies and Knitting

That was my weekend in 5 words or less. After work Friday I headed off to the local comic shop to get some Serenity gear (that I had to order - Serenity 1, 2, 3, the Serenity Mag, the behind the scenes movie guide book and the trading cards...). I did buy, at the recomendation of one of the staff, a copy of "The Astonishing X-Men" (cover shown on the right). I'm not much of a fan of the X-Men comics but considering that this was writen by Joss, I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm glad I did. Cassidy does a great job on the artwork but the real jem here is the dialogue. A great comic for both X-Men and Whedon fans alike.

Later, I met Dan and his work buddy for drinks. It was fun, with buddy's wife getting completely wasted and befriending everyone. It was a fun but excruciatingly long night. Didn't get to bed until some time after 3am.

Saturday morning I managed to slide out of bed at 10:30. I did some laundry, my philosophy take home 'quiz' (out of 30...I don't consider that much of a quiz...) and then headed off to meet Dan at the mall for a movie. With nothing really great out, on a wim, we decided to watch "Lord of War" and wow, was I impressed. It's not a perfect movie but it is very, very good. Not the ending I was expecting but after a little thought, it was the only ending that was really believable for Yuri (the protagonist portrayed so well by Nicolas Cage). Disturbing but well worth watching. It's not often one goes to a movie and learns something new.

Sunday I met with the Firefly group for a "Jayne's Hat Knitting Support Meeting" which included lots of cool swag ( I managed to get a couple of Serenity pins, a keychain and a wicked poster which is not prominently displayed on my fridge). The knitting went well, I managed to finish my earflaps and get a little lesson on how to bring it all together. However, I had a bit of a misshap...during my attempt at connecting them, I made a couple of HUGE booboos which left me with either a bad, bad looking hat or the option to start ove. I decided to start over so this morning I nearly completed the first earflap. The second one and I should get to try putting it all together again (for the first time). Hopefully it will go a little smoother. Worse comes to worse, I'm going to get really good at doing earflaps....BTW, there are pictures of the event have been posted here (in case anyone is interested in seeing a bunch of people knit....)


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