Haze over Vancouver

Since mid afternoon on Sunday, a peet fire has been burning just outside Vancouver. The fire which is burning on an ecollogically conserved area rich in rare species of animals and plants, has been burning and spreading a yellow haze and a scent of burning "something" throughout much of the Lower Mainland. Air pollution experts are saying that the haze poses no direct harm to anyone but I don't agree. In some areas, the haze is so thick that I can't help but cough every time I breathe.

Dan tells me this is what the air is like in some cities, ALL THE TIME. This brings up a good point. Vancouver, this is what's coming our way if we don't do something about allt he bloody cars on the road. If you don't like this, imagine this ALL THE TIME. Every day. Every day no t being able to see the sun clearly, looking over the water and seeing a yellow cloud floating above. Smelling that awful scent constantly. Not good.

It's stinks in this city right now. Really stinks.


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Steve said...

i woke up this morning with that smell. stinky

September 14, 2005 2:18 a.m.

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