George, The Hour and Sebastian Horsley

I don't have a lot of time in my day to regularly watch TV shows but at some point I remembered to subscribe to CBC's The Hour. At this point, it's only fair to admit that one of the few reasons I had any interest in this show to begin with was because of George Stroumboulopoulos. I've had a crush on George since I first spotted him on MuchMusic but it was more than just rugged good looks - he also seemed to know what the hell he was talking about.

Then he took the job at CBC (I'm assuming the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was looking to spice up and bring in some of the youth viewership) and though I very rarely catch his entire show, I do watch various segments here and there - basically whatever they upload as their vidcast.

I bring this up because sometime last week I saw a short interview with Sebastian Horsley, a guy I've never heard about but who, after hearing, I'm particularly curious about (enough to go looking for his book). Watching this particular video was also the first time I consciously noted how good Geroge is at what he does. He never seems nervous, he doesn't hold notes yet he's prepared, casual and poignant with his questions. He's the kind of interviewer others aspire to but never quite reach and he does it all with a natural charm. It's no surprise that Bono had this great little compliment of him: "George, I am a fan."

The interview with Horsley is at the CBC's "The Hour" page and I warn you now, it's a bitch to load. The page itself takes for ever and then the video is equally frustrating to work with but a little patience definitely pays off.

Guess what George? I'm a fan too.

Photo from Flickr thanks to photogirlkate.


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