Holiday Monday or not?

It's been a strange day. A holiday for some, not for others (including myself) hence it's been pretty quiet with the phones but hectic with everything else around the office.

Nothing new to report other than the fact that I filed my taxes yesterday afternoon. The return this year isn't as stellar as last year's but it is enough to buy a new computer and leave me a bit of spending cash for a memory upgrade (RAM not my own memory though I would shell out a few bucks for an upgrade on that - some days I feel like Johnny Mnemonic: too much data stored in not enough memory and the bloody thing starts to leak).

As for this computer I'll be spending my return on...A few weeks ago hubby and I were at our favourite computer store when we spotted these Asus Eee's. I thought they looked nice from the start but that grew to infatuation and lust when I saw a number of them at NV and now I really want one. It weighs nothing, battery life is pretty good and to boot, it comes with everything you need to work on the web from anywhere. And seriously, just look at the size of that thing compared to a full lap top! Sure, my lap top is pretty lightweight but I don't carry it everywhere. This thing is the size of a book! I'd never leave home without it! So yes, I'm excited to go and spend my return. If all goes well, it should come in late this week or early next!

Photo from Flickr care of chilehardware.


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