Hubby's Back!

Dodge Challenger
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Hubby's back from his trip to California. He got back very early yesterday and I did manage to see him before I headed for work.

The pictures are surprisingly good (surprising because he hardly uses a camera anymore) and though I would have taken hundreds of pictures, he stuck to about 90.

This is one of my faves of the bunch. It's the new Dodge Challenger which will be rolling off of the production line later this year. I love the classic lines and grill and for a moment, I really did think it was a classic car. Should be a hot seller with the American Muscle aficionados.

Sadly, the trip involved too much driving for the alloted time and hubby didn't have much of a chance to shop. I didn't even get a t-shirt! Oh well, at least he had a good time!

For the curious, all of the photos are here.


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