Keanu Week Wrap Up

I've dubbed the week Keanu Week considering that nearly every post this week has been about the hunk. Hubby has finally given into my love for Keanu and last night, sitting together before the movie started, hubby actually played along. "Maybe I'll have a dream about Keanu." I smiled and responded "Can I jump in too?" And it's because of things like this that I love my honey.

I had to be critical of the film because in all honesty, it wasn't particularly good but I did have fun. As a fangirl, this would have been my review:

Who ever decided to put Keanu Reeves and Chris Evans TOGETHER in a Dodge Charger deserves a metal. It's like they read my mind.

How else do you expect a Dodge Charger owning/loving girl with serious crushes on both Reeves and Evans to react. That didn't just make my day, it made my month!

The "official" review is here, complete with all of the nitty gritty details but as a Keanu fan, I can tell you this is a turning point and perhaps even a return to his earlier days as a truly talented actor.

And on to today's KFF:

Hope you've enjoyed the overkill. I won't be doing that again until The Day the Earth Stood Still comes out later this year.


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