The Funniest TV Show You're NOT Watching

I came upon The Big Bang Theory earlier this week when flipping through the channels. I really just stopped because I noticed it was the guy from Roseanne so I wanted to see what he was up to now and wow, was I impressed. The show centers around these two geeky dudes, Sheldon and Lenard who live across the hall from a girl of average intelligence. That's what the description says but watching it was like seeing people I know up on the big screen. OMG, it's hysterical.

I have to do a little more work to figure out when it's on up here but I'm thinking I'll be investing in the Season 1 DVD when it's released in September.

For now, here's a little taste:

There's an entire official YouTube Channel so if you're looking for more, that's the place to start!


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