EW Twilight Cover Story AND BONUS 1st MOVIE SCENE INFO!!!

So the issue of that EW cover I posted the other day has gone live and the entire cover story can be read over at EW. Go over and exercise your eyes for a minute. Just be sure to come back.

Now that you're back, Stephenie has also shared news about HOW to see the first full scene from "Twilight".

Here is a message from Stephenie:

A quick note about the release of 'Penelope' on DVD this coming Tuesday the 15th:

In case you haven't heard yet, the 'Penelope' DVD features the world premiere of a scene from 'Twilight'. It will also feature some great behind the scenes footage and interviews from 'Twilight'.

And even if it didn't have the 'Twilight' content, Penelope is definitely worth picking up. It's easily the most adorable, feel good movie I've seen this year. (Not to mention oodles of delicious James McAvoy-dian goodness. Mmmm!)


I was already planning on renting "Penelope" but I guess now I'll have to run out on Tuesday to pick it up!


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