I don't like wrenches!

Oh jeez.

I was going to do a post letting local folks know that the only place screening "Hellboy 2" this weekend is Tinseltown. So I head over to movietickets.ca only to find that they've updated the schedules since Saturday night (when I scheduled the Meetup).

Not only is the film now playing at Metrotown and Coquitlam (either of which would have been so much easier to sell to hubby) but the Tinseltown screening I had posted has disappeared. Out comes the phone and a call to the management office at Tinseltown. They had to change it, I understand that, but you figure they'd let the people that bought tickets to that screening know. Instead, I had to find out about it by chance. If I hadn't caught it, the entire event would likely have ended in disaster.

Thankfully that was averted but it sure caused me a minor anxiety attack!


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wrenches said...
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July 21, 2009 12:17 p.m.

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