Roku Schmoku - Save Your $100

Yesterday I was reading a post at The Movie Blog about the Roku Box for Netflix which essentially lets you watch Netflix live streaming videos on your TV.

I'd heard about the box before and figured there had to be an easier way to get the streaming on your TV but for $99, having a little black box next to the TV set may be the most convenient thing for most people. Or not.

Doing my daily Life Hacker reading, I stumbled on this post post about getting the most from your XBox 360 which includes a simple solution for streaming Netflix through your XBox and if you already have it set up on your home network, it's a matter of a few tweaks which will probably only take you a few minutes to complete.

So save yourself your $100 (which will pay for 6 months of your Netflix usage), head over the LH and take the cheap way out. Also included in that great article are tips on connecting your XBox with your Windows Media Center PC,


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