Whopper Freakout is Genious Marketing

Very rarely do I hear an ad on the radio that makes me search out the TV spots but that's exactly what's happened with this most recent Nation Wide Campaign from Burger King.

It's called Whopper Freakout and it's a viral marketing campaign put together by Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Essentially, they removed the Whopper from the menu of a Minneapolis Burger King for one day and taped the entire thing. It sounds much more fun than what it really is, for the most part the reactions are not all that funny but there are a few good ones. In keeping with the viral nature of the videos, all the clips are available to embed and for the sake of it, I'll add the "Documentary" clip below because it has some of the better reactions.

What I've found really funny is the take offs on the clips, particularly this one which had me laughing pretty hysterically. Warning: This clip is probably NSFW. There's a fair bit of swearing involved...right off the top.

Looks like the campaign is successful; they've got people talking about Burger King and riffing on the commercials.


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