Traveling Gnome Show

Imagine for a moment that you have a little garden gnome. One of those little green (or red) capped men who sit on your lawn, watching traffic go by and getting pissed on by passing carts and dogs. One day, he goes missing only to re-appear months later, feet missing, slightly bruised and with a surprising little package attached.

Well, turns out that it actually happen. Someone took a section out of Haiku Girl's favourite film Amélie, and took it to heart. Eve Stuart Kelso's gonme disappeared months ago only to be returned recently with a photoalbum of his adventures. Apparently, someone decided that the gnome would make a good travelling companion and he made the trek through hree continents, 12 countries. How cool is that?

While reading the story, I was reminded of a TV show I used to watch when I was little. Couldn't  even remember the name but a quick Google search of "gnomes & tv shows" uncovered "The World of David the Gnome". Wow. This thing goes waaaaaaay back.


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