Just In Time for Christmas

I clearly remember working my way though the now defunct Sam the Record Man on Seymour St.. They were one of the few stores in the downtown area that I could get to that had a wicked ass back area full of indie bands not to mention, a wicked heavy metal section. I was in a phase where the heavier the music and the creepier the album cover, the better. It was also a time in my life where my TV viewing was pretty much exclusivelly Much Music (when it still played music) and so I knew what was popular - or so I thought.

Walking to the cash register and checking out the best seller wall, I spotted an album sitting at number 2 from an artist I'd never heard of. How was this possible? I know everything! How come I don't know about "The Memory of Trees" or this Enya woman? I was 16 and completely unware of anything. I bought it, listened to it for the first time on the way home and never looked back.

Oh how things change.

I was shopping with the MIL and hubby yesterday. We went into HMV to check out the latest offerings and I discovered that Enya has a new album which goes on sale tomorrow. Titled "And Winter Came...", it looks like this is a Christmas album. Frankly, I don't care. It's Enya. Consider it money already spent.

Talking to the girl at the counter yesterday I was reminded of the funny look I got from the guy behind the counter at Sam's when I bought my first Enya album (kind of like a "what's a girl in a NIN t-shirt and a spiked collar doing buing this easy listening crap?"). Now the kids don't even register that anything is out of whack. God, I felt old in that instant. Ah well, c'est la vie.

I tracked down the video for the album's first single "Trans and Winter Rains". Enjoy.


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