Twilight Will Be HUGE: Speculation or Fact?

When they first announced the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel, I was instantly on-board. I knew the books were best sellers but I didn't realize the reaction would be quite this overpowering. I don't think anyone did.

Immediately the fangirls started to swoon and sigh over every announcement and by the time the film make it to Comic-Con, it was out of control. Remember the fan reaction? Even funnier than that was the backlash from fanboys that felt the girls were taking over "their" turf. Suck it up boys. Girls are entititled to their own moments of crazy reaction. If it happens to surround a teen vampire love story rather than the newest comic book adaptation, so be it.

I'm looking forward to the movie and even though I don't have high expectations that it will be a great film I do expect to be entertained. More than that, it'll be cool to share in a moment with fellow women that doesn't include high-heels, shopping and drinking cosmos.

But I have limited patience for big crowds, especially those made up of screeching teenage fans. Do I make the outing on opening weekend or do I wait? What's a girl to do? I'm thinking I will make the trek, if only to take it in with other fans. That, in and of itself, should make for an interesting night out.

And for doubters that didn't think this would make any money - time to rethink the power of the teen girl market. Two weeks before the film opens and there are already sold out screenings across the US and I've already received 2 emails from Cineplex encouraging me to buy my tickets early. If that's not enough, I read a recent Fandango newsletter that had 68% of respondents saying that they will see the film more than once.

Mark my word: Twilight won't just break November Box Office Records, it will OBLITERATE them.

Now for the real question: anyone out there care to join me on opening nigh? I've got an extra ticket...


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