The Wii Remote Theremin Hack

The Wii isn’t just a hard to find around the holidays perfect gift but since it’s release, it’s become clear that Nintendo didn’t just create a wicked console – their innovative remotes are high-technology for a meagre $35. I’ve seen a couple of cool hacks using the Wii remote but I think this one takes the cake.

A Theremin is a musical instrument that you play without using your hands. It’s a cool looking contraption that gained a bit of attention in the 50’s mostly because it was used in many a sci-fi flick to make those cheesy sounding special effects. Now Ken Moore has put the Wii remote into use to create his own version of the Theremin. It’s pretty darn awesome:

And for the hell of it, Moore has posted some video of the Wii theremin in action. I particularly love the Star Trek theme…

Cool video found via TED.


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