Reliving My Youth

Everyone does it differently: some go clubbing, some dig through their closets or boxes for the mementos, I relive my teen years through music. Case in point: The Offspring.

I haven't heard anything new from the band since the release of 1998's "Americana" and by that point I'd already lost most of my appreciation for the band. They went from a great punk pop sound to an almost complete pop sound and I just wasn't digging it but when I spotted a local radio station giving away tickets to the show, I entered and won a pair of tickets to tonight's show at Thunderbird Arena.

Listening to a few "classic" tracks last night, I was reminded of the first and last time we saw the band. Sis and I caught them at the Pacific Coliseum in '97 or '98 (it's a little foggy now). Sis had acquired chocolate mushrooms which we consumed before the show but before going in, we still had a few left. I decided that I wasn't feeling the high and took the rest. Not a great idea but surprisingly not one I regret. I don't think I've ever been that high in my life and the resulting few hours consisted of me thinking I was on stage with the band. SERIOUSLY awesome. I doubt the same will happen tonight but I did have a little pang of excitement that I'd be reliving the moment with Sis.

As for the band, I still haven't listened to anything new (hopefully they don't disappoint) but I am hopeful that they play some of the classics including this one from their debut album "Ignition":

At this point I'm much more excited to check out Shiny Toy Guns who I discovered a few weeks back when searching for some wicked music I'd heard on a car commercial (only with in today's day and age can you find out the exact song in a commercial - crazy awesome). After a little research (10 minutes or so) I discovered the band (whose other major song "Le Disko" has appeared in another commercial). I've only listened to their "We Are Pilots" release and it's solid (though I notice that they released a new album late last year) but I love this cover of "Major Tom" (which at one point was available for free from the band's website). Check it:


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Dale said...

Hah, I loved "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" ... give it to me baby!

The like the Major Tom cover, too.

June 10, 2009 8:48 p.m.

themarina said...


They played that one last night - really got the crowd going! I took a bit of video - should be posting a rehash later today!

June 11, 2009 9:19 a.m.

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