A Bag for the Ages

For a few weeks now I've been looking for a new every-day bag. Yes, I have more than my share of purses but they're all of the weekend use persuasion meaning they're a bit small for all the stuff I carry during the week. When I'm out with hubby, there's little need for some items but there are some essentials I can't leave the house without during the week:

  • Book
  • iTouch
  • Headphones
  • Coffee Cup

All that stuff takes up space which means a bigger bag. Until recently, I was using my backpack but the bosslady gave me a super cute Roxy bag which I've been using for a few months. It's the perfect size but sadly, it's a one shoulder type of bag and after a few weeks of daily use, my neck and shoulder are a bit cramped (it's all that *stuff*!). For that reason, I've been looking for a sleek and stylish shoulder bag. It started as a casual browse through the racks at Winners and the first few times, I didn't find anything but then I stumbled on a bag I *loved*. Sadly, and as is usually the case with me, it came with a hefty pricetag. Even discounted it was priced over $100 which is more than I'm used to spending on a bag so I didn't buy it but oh, how I lusted.

For the last three weeks, every time we go into Winners, any Winners, I look at the bag (go figure, with that price tag, it's not moving as quickly as their other material usually does). The sad part is that it's the only thing I found that I loved. I've liked others but I loved this one so earlier this week I took the plunge and bought myself this spiffy bag:


I know, it's totally awesome isn't it? It's called the "FIFTY-FIVE" and it comes from Canadian designers Matt & Nat.  It's made of Vegan Leather (a trendy thing I had to look up) and it's completely amazing. The perfect size for me, a great shoulder strap and 2 alternative use methods (it has "hidden" straps so you can use it as a hand bag or a shoulder bag). It's the single most expensive piece of apparel I've purchased since my YSL sunglasses almost 10 years ago, before I had bills and responsibilities, and I love every inch of it. The way it looks, the way it feels and the fact that I saved myself a few bucks along the way is a nice bonus.

We're going to have a long and happy relationship, my bag and I. Oh yes we are.


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