Oh Barbie...How I Love Thee!

Sometimes, I feel like a traitor. Though I have issues with the body image portrayed by dolls such as Barbie, the adult collector in me who can see beyond the toy can't help but get all giggly at opportunity to collect a few dolls which highlight something I love and so, whenever I make my way into a store with a toy section, I take a walk through the Barbie selection in search of something unique to add to my collection.
I was at the mall with hubby over the weekend and whenever we're in this particular section of Metrotown, we head into a few shops I love including the comic shop and (it's next door so how could I resist?) Toys 'R Us. It was during a walk through the doll isle here that I came across what I'm dubbing "The Barbie Collector's Corner" since, in a few short shelves, it manages to squeeze in a whole slew of collectors dolls.

You many need to make the photo bigger to take in all the awesomeness but we've got: "Wizard of Oz" dolls including The Wicked Witch of the East and The Wicked Witch of the West, Scarecrow and The Tin Man, new Star Trek dolls (Captain Kirk and Spock), the time capsule Barbies (I'm still looking for the 1980s one which is the only one I want and the only one I can't find!) and to top it all off, on the bottom shelf, the "Twilight" babies (Edward & Bella). If I had money to burn, I'd be going on a shopping spree.


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