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I think it's safe to assume that most of the regular readers (if I have any left) know I have a little side gig writing about movies. It doesn't pay (yet - I'm working on that bit) but it offers me the opportunity to do two things I love: writing (you'd be hard pressed to guess that considering the lapse in my posting here over the last few months) and movies. The entire project started right here as a side project on Blogger where I was reviewing movies.

Not sure how many people read those early posts but in 2005 I took the big leap and set up my very own website. MAD About Movies sort of put me on the map with a few other sites and individuals who were talking movies. Sometime after the site went live, Colleen, Dale and I started a podcast and we've been at it ever since. In 2007 I closed down MAM to join a group of passionate writers at a new place we called Row Three. We moved the podcast over and have been there ever since, basking in the glow of minor notoriety and awesome conversation.

I had no intention of ever leaving Row Three, a site I co-created but late last year I was given an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I'd been communicating back and forth with the great folks at Quiet Earth. It was a friendly relationship and one I valued since their knowledge and readership was so much bigger than ours. And then it happened. They offered me a job. I was a bit hesitant at first because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Row Three but I also couldn't pass up this door-opening opportunity so after much debate, I made the decision to limit my contribution at Row Three to the podcast and the occasional post and came to call Quiet Earth home.

I've been there a few months now and the learning curve has been a bit daunting. I'm use to reporting news that are mainstream and QE is more interested in the work being done on the sidelines, the indie, foreign and genre stuff that doesn't always get attention. Having to dig for new stuff is a little different than just browsing the major sites and filtering what I thought was worthwhile. That said, it's been a great experience and one that's already starting to pay off.

I've come a long way in what seems a very short time. In 5 years I've gone from a little blogger blog that few read to a major film website. I can't wait to see what 2010 has in store. If this first full week of the year is any indication, it's going to be an awesome ride.

I've added a QE feed on the sidebar but if you're into film and are willing to try something new, I urge you to check us out!


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