Editors: Live at the Commodore

While cruizing Last.fm early last year, I uncovered a UK band called "Editors." I thought they sounded great and after listening to them ad nauseam for a year, they released a new album late last year which sounded almost nothing like their previous work but still managed to rock. My favourite song off of that album is Ear Raw Meat. Check it:

It was after hearing this live version of the song that I decided I really needed to see the band for myself and lucky me, I didn't have long to wait. A few weeks back a friend asked if I'd be interested in seeing them live (I'd totally missed the concert announcement) and boy, did I jump on that bandwagon. The show was Saturday and let's just say it was pretty awesome.

We started the night off with a little dinner and a whole lot of walking around town. We went from Gastown to Robson Square snapping pictures as we went along.On Robson, just outside of Sears, I spotted this "Welcome" sign in Portuguese and simply had to take a picture. K was adamant that I had to be in the picture too and this is the result:

Even in Portuguese

Not too shabby.

We eventually did make it to the venue and sat down with a few drinks. It was pretty quiet when we arrived and I was a bit worried the show would be poorly attended but for no reason - as the night progressed it did get, thankfully, much busier.

The show opened with a performance from California based Princeton. They're not bad but a little too softie hipster for me. The totally awesome me snapped this picture with my phone. I had to give Twitter *something*:


Editors took the stage sometime around 10:15 (I think) and rocked the house until sometime after midnight and man, were they good. They had great energy, the crowd seemed into it and lead singer Tom Smith's on-stage antics had K and I laughing pretty hard. Here's a blurry photo I snapped of the band from our little perch:


This one is a little better, but not by much:


Mine are no where near as good as photographer Lauren Keogh's pictures from the night. You can check them out in this Flickr set.

It was a hugely enjoyable night. Looking forward not only to seeing the band again but hanging out with K who's as much of a music lover as I am. It was seriously awesome fun.


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monnibo said...

Ooh I wanted to go see them. I heard them in the UK a couple years ago (radio) and have a couple albums on my iPod. I had too many plans on Saturday though. Glad they got a good review!

February 09, 2010 9:58 a.m.

themarina said...

BIG thumbs up from me! Would love to see them again!

February 09, 2010 10:11 a.m.

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