Olympic Moment

There have been a great number of "Olympic Moments" so far in these games but none have stuck with me quite as much as Jon Montgomery's. I don't think the skeleton is nearly as popular as some of the other sliding sports but I have a fascination with both this and luge. It's something to do with the velocity and the fact that these folks are just wearing a helmet.

I was excited to see Montgomery finish second after his qualifying run but nothing quite prepared me to see him take home gold. I didn't know much about Montgomery going in but having seen the Olympian (a used car salesman and auctioneer when he's not competing) interviewed over the last few days has made him one of my favorites. He has a great sense of humor, a playful demeanor and yes, it helps that he's cute and knows how to appreciate a drink.

Take a look at his run (sorry, CTV are sticklers on the embedding but it's worth a look). You back? Yeah, spectacular eh? Then there's the "Olympic Beer" moment which made me love him that much more. I've also seen him accept a bottle of Wiser's and of course, there's this two fister:

Yeah, Jon's the man.

While out and about yesterday, hubby and I ended up at LiveCity Vancouver, home of the Manitoba House. I was thrilled to see posters and images of Manitoba's own Montgomery all over the place. Yes, totally awesome and so far, my favourite Olympic Moment.

Home of Jon Montgomery!


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