The Tudors Returns!

It's coming back. Quicker than I could have imagined! Sometimes, living under a rock has its advantages (like not worrying about when one of your favorite shows is returning). The show in question this time around: "The Tudors."

I know Colleen isn't a fan because the history, costumes etc aren't particularly accurate but I can't help it: I love the soap opera. The romances gone wrong, the affairs, Charles Brandon, Trevor Morris' brilliant score, the set design and costuming - it's all my cup of tea and I inhale it like it's on the brink of extinction which, strictly speaking, it is.

The fourth and final season of the show hits the airwaves on April 11th and I'm a bit saddened by the whole thing. I was hoping for a longer running show and the first few seasons set it up as a season per wife. Since he had six of them, I assumed we'd get six seasons of awesome but that's not to be and this will be the last we see of Henry VIII, at least for now.

Just saw the new preview/behind the scenes promotional video for the last episodes and am impressed (as usual). Looks like more action, more sex, a new queen (or two) and lots of Charles Brandon who, if you haven't figured it out yet, is none other than the superbly handsome and talented Henry Cavill.

Did I really just post back to back pictures of the smoking hot Cavill? Why yes I did! Hope Keanu and RPattz don't get jealous (not to mention hubby).

Where was I again? Those images keep distracting me.... oh yea, "The Tudors." Here's the preview video Cavill for Season Cavill 4. Mark your Cavill calendars for April 11th!


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