Adventures in West Vancouver

Saturday was going to be a busy day with a few Before Dawn events scheduled at La Fontana. I was looking to spending a few hours with John and Val but alas, that wasn't meant to be. Grandma had been with my parents for the week and mom and dad had dinner plans. Usually, grandma stays home (she's more than capable of looking after herself) but she's also leaving for Portugal in a few weeks and this would be the last weekend she spent with us. My mom didn't want her to stay home alone so Friday night she asked if I could stay home with her. A wrench for sure but how do you say no to mom and grandma? I couldn't so I decided instead that flaking on prior commitments was the easier way out (lame but what can I say).

Hubby wanted to head out in the morning so we bundled up grandma and too a drive to Horseshoe Bay where we parked, had a leisurely brunch at Trolls and then a nice walk around the water, watching the ferries come in and out of the terminal.



After the walk, we got back into the car and rather than heading home, we convinced grandma that ice cream would be a great idea so we drove over to Deep Cove (can you believe I'd never been there?) for dessert. The streets around the main strip were clogged with cars but a lucky turn of events landed us a great parking spot. We heard some music from a nearby park and ventured to check it out to stumbled on a Dragon Boat event that was going on (thanks to Special K for clarifying what exactly we'd stumbled on).


We watched for a few minutes before moving on to check out the area. I spotted this beautiful water feature which I've named "The Lovers." I didn't think to look for the actual name though if someone knows what it is, please let me know. All I know is that I love this feature a great deal - there's something almost magical about it.


We stopped by La Fontana before heading home to drop off the film and as much as I insisted that grandma come in for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, I couldn't manage to talk her into it and so hubby stayed in the car while I popped in to say hello, mumble a lame ass apology before rushing out. We then headed home for an afternoon of R & R which included dinner and a couple of football games since it was the only thing playing on Portuguese TV and she has little patience for anything in English.

It was a fun filled day and I'm happy to have spent it with grandma. She's usually the stay at home type so I'm happy we managed to get her out for a few hours to see some stuff she hand't seen before. I also hope to see her again before she goes otherwise, it'll be September before we get a peek at her silver hair again. She wouldn't let me take pictures (something about her hair - she's worse than I am when it comes to that), but here she is, watching TV a few months back:


She's as sweet as she looks.


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