Levi's Pioneer Sessions

Advertisements as art. It doesn't happen too often but there is a trend and Levi's is right up at the top of the pile. Their "Pioneers" campaign caught my eye last September, and though the ads stuck around for a few weeks, they seem to have disappeared off the map and then Levi's goes and re-ignites it with the Levi's Pioneer Sessions.

The clothing manufacturer brought in some super talented artists to record some covers and they're giving the music away. For free. Yup you read right. Free. And they're not slumming it either. This isn't a list of a bunch of unknown artists but rather a collection of some greats including Nas, The Shins, The Killers and The Swell Season. They seem to be releasing a new song every week and the slow roll out is bound to rub a few the wrong way but it's free music so I'm sure you can handle it. You can download the goodness Levi's Pioneer Sessions.


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