Fact: you’re likely to see Marina come up often in signage but you’re not all that likely to meet someone actually named Marina. There are some of us, but not nearly as many as, let’s say, Bella.

I once asked my Mom where the name came from and she didn’t have an answer beyond “I just liked it.” I’m thinking she may have seen it when she came to Canada for a few months as a teen, saw it and it stuck with her.

Over the years I’ve heard that it’s Russian and know that it means “from the sea” (or something like it) but the other day I learned something else about my name: I share it with a beer. Yes. Beer.

"Marina the Portuguese Beer. Dark or light, drink a flavorful beer... Marina! Fresh and cold! Generous and strong! Marina Beer, the Portuguese Beer!"

One or our subs came through the office recently and was telling a story of when he was young and living in Portugal, when people asked him where he was going he often said “To see my girlfriend Marina” meaning, he was going to go drinking. I thought he was kidding but after a little searching I discovered that there was once a beer called Marina.

Marina is was produced in the Algarve region of the country from 1969 to 1982 when the company that made it decided to abandon local brands (with it went another beer, this one made in Santarém, called Clok). In 2005 the beer was re-introduced for sale in Portugal exclusively through “Continente” and “Modelo” supermarkets. The price: 1,5€ for a six pack (about $11).

I will get my hands on a bottle of this stuff (though a six pack would be better).


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Rebecca @ DSB said...

Hi Marina,

I know a couple who have named their daughters Morgan and Bailey, and yes, they're into drinking spirits, so one day when their little angels ask, "How did you choose my name?" their parents can say, we named you after booze, kiddos.

The beer ad is cool. I especially like the "Generous and strong!" line. Maybe you can make that your personal motto or something.

May 18, 2010 1:35 p.m.

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