The Fall

Yesterday I figured I'd do my part and take Denali out for his morning walk. Mom decided to come along since she's been taking him for his walks and she figured that for my first time, I should get a few pointers from her. I was more than happy to have her come along.

We were at the park, heading down the hill to a leash free area when I took a misstep and stumble, falling on my knees and then on my side. Denali stopped, came over to lick me, making sure I was OK and then I had to pass the reins to mom because my ankle was sprained. I sat for a few minutes before we headed back but sitting made it hurt more than standing and the walk home was largely pain free. I iced it a bit when I got home and a little more before heading to bed but man, it's still swollen to twice it's size. It fit in my shoe this morning but I'm hobbling along feeling the pain more than I did yesterday.

More than anything, I feel like a bit of an idiot. Can't even take the dog for a walk without injuring myself. *sigh*


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