So it ends

Turns out I did not only not blog, I didn't even tweet during our four day adventure to Las Vegas. It has hot, we walked a lot, gambled a little, shopped a bit and came back utterly exhausted. I haven't had a chance to really take it the trip but when I do, hopefully in the next few days, I'll post some more.

For now, we have a bit of mourning to do. The family decided not to tell me to avoid ruining my holiday but my brother in law passed away on Thursday afternoon. I've come home to a sister so riddled with grief she's almost comatose. My parents aren't taking it that much better though they're functioning so at least that's something. I'm at work, mostly because there's nothing more to do at home. Sis has a friend staying with us who is doing a great job helping her with the day to day stuff but I feel a bit numb. I'm just not sure what to do, if anything, for her.

At this point I'm tired and a bit depressed. This isn't exactly how I expected to start the week after a holiday but at least we're here.


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