Sweet Thing @ The Media Club

Saturday was, by far, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to and I like to think I’ve seen some great shows. There wasn’t one bad performance to be had and the energy at the Media Club was through the roof.

The night started early with local artist Bradley taking the stage with his interesting mix of synth sounds and guitar. It’s hard for any artist to take the stage but I presume it’s particularly difficult for one dude with a guitar and a computer but he rocked the house with his low-fi sounds which had me reminiscing about the old days of Trent Reznor. The sounds are very, very different but I picture a lone guy with his notebook and computer in both instances. His album, “MountainTigerWolf,” features a few tracks that are much more melodic. I’m looking forward to seeing him play around town again.

I was having issues with my phone and didn’t manage to take any good pictures or video but I found this live rendition of “Your Money” online. Check it:

Shortly after Bradley, Run GMC took to the stage, filling the tiny stage with bodies. Now this… this was a total surprise. These boys belted out an awesome set of country rock/bluegrass tunes that had the place popping. They’re apparently quite the fixture around town and you’d better believe I’ll be checking them out again soon. Seriously awesome. Here they are playing “Midnight Train” on Urban Rush:

Last but not least, Sweet Thing invaded the stage. The Toronto outfit is on a Canadian tour and they’re more than worth your hard earned money. Their tunes are infectious, their pop rock sound is destined for big, big things. The band has enough stage presence to fill a venue two or three times the size of The Media Club and lead singer Owen Carrier exudes energy to match Mick Jagger. Their first full length album is due for release in August but you can download the first single, a catchy tune titled “Dance Mother,” for free from their website.

Keep your eyes open for these guys coming back across the Great White North later this year. In the meantime, check out my favourite track, “Change of Seasons”:

All in all, a stellar night of great Canadian music!


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