Mission Accomplished

We are no longer homeless. After a Saturday of returned phone calls, appointments and driving around the Burnaby/New Westminster area looking at houses, we finally found a property everyone's happy with. It's a bit on the small side but an open design which we love (side note: lots of the older houses in the area are large in square footage but the rooms are small. Lots of small little rooms that our furniture won't fit into). A rancher in Burnaby, walking distance to Skytrain, a huge two car garage for storage and, as hubby kindly pointed out, with a gas station a few doors down that hosts a Tim Hortons. Yes, definitely a bonus for me.

The funny part is, the owner is Portuguese. Do I know how to pick them or what? My dad was wearing one of his Ronaldo shirts when we looked at the house and the owner asked him if he was Portuguese and tada, that's what good things are made of. They talked business. I didn't have to get involved. Everyone's happy.

We're all going to be living as one big happy family with as little privacy as you could expect from 5 people in 1,300 sq. ft. but it could be worse and frankly, who cares? In 12 months we'll be moving into our dream house!

Now to start packing...


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