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While out in Langley on Saturday, we decided to give something else a shot. A few years ago we were out there with our coupon book trying to find Choo Choo’s Restaurant which is, apparently, famous for their home made burgers and fries. We failed miserably on our first attempt and the coupon expired before we had a chance to use it but the restaurant was listed in our Entertainment book again this year and since we were already out there and looking for a place to eat, we thought we’d give the search a second try.

After consulting a Google map, we finally found the restaurant along a strip in Langley city which is lined with a great assortment of nifty shops. Before exploring, we had a nice lunch at Choo Choo’s, a place very reminiscent of the Old Spaghetti Factory but with a better selection of food.

Choo Choo's

Choo Choo's

A nice homey feel, the place was still quiet when we sat down for an early lunch but started to pick-up just as we were leaving. The food was delicious though hubby found his yummy looking burger a little on the greasy side one thing we did agree on was that their home made fries are super tasty.

Choo Choo'sMushroom burger with homemade patty and fries.

Choo Choo'sTwo piece cod fish and chips.

While walking back to the car we popped into Krazy Bob’s Music Emporium. Mostly it was me saying “OMG we have to go in here! Check out the cool records in the window!” This is no preparation for what was awaiting us inside.

Krazy Bob's Music Emporium

Wall to wall crates of records. All of them for sale. Krazy Bob was super nice, and encouraged me to guy a record player to which I smiled and looked at hubby as he’s the one holding me back on that purchase. We wondered around ooing and awing the various bins, hubby constantly saying that he remembered this or that record. It was pretty awesome.

Krazy Bob's Music EmporiumA tiny taste.

Basically, it was a super wicked Saturday in Langley. Our next day-long exploration trip is going to be Fort Langley. It's been years since I've been there. Hopefully the weather holds up until after the move and we can head out there during the September long weekend!


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