I said party dammit!

So you'll never guess what happened. I was out and about today and wondered into a high-security truck which was carrying a list with all of Sunday Night's Oscar winners. Your guess as to what they were doing in Vancouver is as good as mine but I went ahead and copied all the right answers. Here they are:

That story is as likely as a Psychic pulling the answers out of the ether but whatever. Truth is, I'll be around regardless of where you are. If you're in Vancouver, I'm hosting a party, complete with prizes, at La Fontana (Big Kudos to John for allowing us to use his space). 'Cuz I know you wanna hang out with the cool people, details on the party here. But you can only come if you're cool. Like, ULTRA COOL.

If you're not in Vancouver or prefer to watch the show in your pajamas with a cutout of Robert Pattinson as your special guest for the night, you can tune into our Oscar Chat at Row Three. It'll kick off on Sunday at 4:30PM and you can join that without having to remove yourself from Rob's strong cardboard hold.

And I promise not to leave you all for such an extended period of time ever again. Or at least until next time.


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