Knitting and all that other Rot

Looks like I've been reading too many Ausy blogs.

Freakin' hell. I think I've been purling all wrong. I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore. Even if it's ugly as hell, I'm still going to wear my bloody scarf. After all, I made it myself.

I'm getting a bit frustrated but I must say that it's going much faster now that it did at the beginning. I actually feel like I'm getting somewhere! I'm meeting with the Flans on Sunday for another knitting lesson and (hopefully) the beginnings of my Jayne's hat. WOOHOO.

"To be or not to be, that is the question". I'll take "not to be" for $500 Alex. Prof assigs us to read Hamlet for yesterdays class. No problem, I read it. I get to class, ready to discuss and he starts reading, from act 1 scene 1. This went on for 10 minutes until it hit me. He's going to make us read the whole thing out loud!!!! WTF??? Why did you assign it for homework when we were going to read it in class???????????????????????????? I nearly fell asleep until he finally started asking people in class to read. Then it got a little more interesting.

Can't wait for my 6pm shot.

Today's Lesson: Avoid driving in Vancouver's first rainfall in more than 6 weeks.


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