That's great, I'm glad that works for you

Ahhhh to be a relativist. It's almost like being ignorant because you don't really care what anyone else is doing. Just remember not to slip up. As soon as you start providing a reson for why you do what you do, you're no longer a relativist. That's what I learned yesterday. I feel soooo much smarter. Now I only need another three hours to understand egoism....

Oh yean, the dude on the right there, that's Plato. I just thought we needed a picture of a dead guy who was one of the great philosophical thinkers. (Plus, I like the picture upload feature. It's all nifty and stuff. - Sorry, that was the valley girl coming out...)

I can't believe I managed through the day yesterday and I'm really not sure how I'm going to make it today. My eyes are sore and my head is sort of not here completely. This does have at least one positive effect: i'm extra giddy today! Woohoo for you!!!

I picked up knitting needles and yarn yesterday. Started practicing almost immediately. I think the yarn I bought isn't appropriate for the needles I also bought (What? Did you think I stole them?). Seriously, the label said to use with #7 needles and I have #10. I'm still working at it but I think this little fact is making the whole experience more difficult than it needs to be. If there are any knitters out there who could confirm if my little conspiracy is true, I'd love to hear from you. If thicker yarn will make my life easier, I'll go buy some tomorrow!

While I was smoking before class yesterday, I saw a guy from last semester's anthropology class. We talked for a bit and then I finally broke down and asked him his name. It was a bit weird (since we talked throughout last semester) but I'm glad I asked. At least now whenever I see him I don't have to worry about trying to conduct a conversation without knowing his name.

My fingers hurt from holding the needles wrong. I can't type anymore.

Today's Lesson: Learn to hold the needles properly so that you're fingers don't hurt.


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