The English Prof Rant

I eluded to this in an earlier post but I have an English Prof FROM HELL. Though the guy is pretty interesting (I'll give him that much credit) and he IS a Dr. so he must know what he's talking about. However, just because you know it, doens't mean you're entitled to teach it. Seriously. I think this applies to every profession. Just because you have a piece of paper that says you can do it, doesn't necessarily equate to being able to do it. I've noticed it the most in teaching though. This guy is a prime example. The very first class he told us that most of his student drop out before the middle of the semester and that the average grade for those passing is a C. Honestly, if I hear that from a prof, the first thing I think of is "What the hell does that say about you as a teacher?" ARRRGHHHH

We're entering week 8 of the semester, I'm totally lost. Half of the time, I'm not sure if I read what I was supposed to because I go to class and he talks on a tangent, but I still managed to get 92% on my first inclass essay. Sure, it's great, but I'm not feeling confident that I'm learning anything new. I'm obviously just a great bullshitter.

Regardless. Here's my beef and why I mentioned that I may have had a little something to do with this. Well, a big something really. Two weeks ago I "missed" class (I was at a very important bookcrossing meeting). He decides to give us a *pop* quiz on a film he showed in class. Of course, I missed it. My fault, I KNOW. Now I was a bit sick the week before so I just played the sick card. When I emailed my class "buddy" and she told me of the missed quiz, I freaked. I emailed him. He said he wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it up. I nearly died. I can't afford to drop the class and I don't really want to fail a class either. One week of pleading and back and forth emails and he's finally agreed to give me a makeup assignment. What a tyrant. I had to beg for the makeup. I know, I do deserve the pain but it got me thinking. What if I really had been away for a legit reason. What if I really WAS sick. It's not like I'm a bad student that constantly misses classes or is a slacker. It just really irked me the way he played me and pulled me along and, really, made me feel a bit shitty.

I do deserve it and I know I shouldn't be bithing about the guy but he really rubbed me the wrong way. You better believe I won't be recommending him to anyone.


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