Weekend Update (a day late)

Well, the weekend has come and gone (and for that matter, so has Monday) and it was a good one.

Friday Nigh: Dan and I met at the theatres for a good dose of first person shooter action in "Doom". Not exactly a great film but endurable enough. Highlight of the evening:I needed milk and we went to the supermarket at the mall. They now have self check-outs. It was the coolest most advanced technology I experienced as of late. I wanted Dan to take a picture of me scanning my milk but he wouldn't do it. Bugger.

Saturday: Off birthday shopping for a friend. He ended up with a "Family Guy" mug which reads "Let's go drinking until we can't feel feelings anymore". He loves it. Go figure. We went to the party in the evening and had the best Indian food I've had in a while. YUM. Highlight of the day: Dan dancing. He was royally drunk. I've never seen him dance like that. He made a total fool of himself but we still had a great time.

Sunday: Brunch with the girls and then off to the movies for "Elizabethtown". We really wanted to see "North Country" but couldn't find a theatre that was playing it. Highlight of the day: Spending time with the girls and the stuffed french toast at IHOP. YUM.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my 'exciting' weekend.


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