The Great Return

Well, not really but I am back. Sorry for the last few days. It's been more than a little crazy around here trying to set up the new office. Still having some technical difficulties but I'm pleased to announce that we're pretty much up and running. YEY!

There's been a lot happening around town. The VIFF has just wrapped up. The Writers Festival is starting up and everyone and their mother appears to be on strike. Teachers walked off the job a week ago and this dispute has only gotten worse. Yesterday, there was a large rally in Victoria at the Parliament Buildings which included other non-striking unions showing support including the bus drivers. This put a bit of a glitch on the transit system on the Island. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't cross the waters. I can see where the teachers are coming from. The government recently passed a bill to extend the current contract (which is now expired) until next year and this is when the teachers went on strike. They want a pay increase and smaller class sizes. Not too much to ask right? I agree with them to an extent and the government isn't helping in swaying my thoughts. They're coming accross as a bunch of tyrants. Bloody bastards.

I'm also having issues with one of my profs. I'll have to elaborate on this once I find out for sure what's going on. It's a little convoluded and I sort of put myself in this "situation" but he's being really unreasonable. I should have more information later today. Will keep you posted.

On a much happier note, I'm very excited about the next two days. I'm going to a couple of Writers Festival events with one of my favourite authors, William Gibson. Tomorrow night it's a discussion about "alien life" and on Thursday afternoon it's a talk about where he gets his ideas. I'm sooooo excited! I'll try to take LOTS of pictures to share!


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