Nothing but Problems

What a nightmare. We moved the office over the long weekend. The two long weekends in a row and guess who had to work?

We managed to avoid disrruption to the telephone lines during the move (which was great) but the DSL connection has been a bitch to set up. I will give striking TELUS some credit. The guys over there who are working through this dispute huge kudos for handling things as well as they have. It could have been much, much worse. Because the connection at work has been unavailable, I have not really been updating regularly. It's a little sad but I just don't have time when I come home.

What's really ticking me off now is the fact that my webpage won't load. I've been in touch with the domain registration people but the issue is still not resolved. Bugger. I feel like I shelled out the cash for no reason.

I think I'm going to head off to bed in a bit. Just thought I'd pop in for a quick update.


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