MIA - An Underwear Story

Underwear. According to dictionary.com, they are "Clothes worn next to the skin, beneath one's outer clothing."

We can guess at the reasons for wearing underwear: protect our "intimates", hold things "in place" (for the men) and perhaps even to keep clothes "clean" (no additional comment on this one). This brings up the interesting question of: Why then thongs?

I really don't care what people wear. Seriously. This would never even come up except for the fact that the pants are now coming up lower and lower and tighter and tighter and people have forgotten what belts are good for. So, the poor civilian on his/her way to work/school/church is exposed other people's underwear.

I know why I wear underwear but I can't figure out why someone wold chose to wear this. Seriously, what's the point? Doesn't that string get uncomfortable after a few hours? What does this do to protect one's bum from the sometimes unpleasant feeling of pants? What is the point? Why wear anything at all? Would it not be more comfortable to go comando? This brings me to another rant that is related but unrelated at the same time. I wached a clip once (in between episodes of Star Trek: TNG) on Spike TV where they had 3 women at a pub and they asked men to guess who was wearing "old lady" underwear, a g-string or going comando. Please, how does something like this get on prime time tv?

Seriously, I really don't care what you wear. After all, I wear what I want to. However, don't expect me to keep my mouth shut if you go around wearing this then flashing it to the world when you sit down. BTW, I don't really want to sit where your asscrack was hanging out! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


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