"Oh God, Oh God, we're all gonna die"

This was the first of many memorable lines from an amazing new flick. I joined the local Browncoats for an evening of BDM watching and food on Friday night. I cried at a few choice parts (so sue me, I was a little over emotional...) and laughed and laughed and laughed. The movie theatre folks took pictures of us in our matching t's and Jayne's hats and all in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. We're getting together again for a re-watch on Saturday which will be faboo, especially since my honey had to leave to help his friends move. To boot, I have yet to read one bad review which, wouldn't really matter to me but will, hopefully, encourage others who would not necessarily think of watching Serenity to go out and watch it. Seriously, it's a great movie.

Saturday was spent cleaning house and then helping friends unpack. We finished so late we ended up spending the night on the futon. Sunday we had a big breakfast and headed out to do some shopping.

I did have a bit of a disastrous Saturday afternoon when, on my way to meet Dan the bankmachine ate my card. To boot, I went to get a new card at lunch today and the local branch near work was having troubles with their computers which means, I still have no bank card and all of $20 until I can get a new card which, will hopefully be tomorrow.


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