Happy Birthday to ME!

....and everyone else celebrating b-days today or this month! :) Virgos/Libras RULE!

Today is a day for reflection for me. Though I'm no longer a teenager, I feel more like one today that I ever have in the past. My life feels like it's finally moving in the right direction. Actually, I feel like I finally HAVE a direction to follow. I'm on a mission. Life if good. Great friends, a decent job, going to school, the man I love, and the best family in the world. Thank you all for making my life a little better, being there when it was hard and I didn't think I could make it alone.

I've hurt people over the years, it's hard to go through life without doing that, but I want to take this time to send out all my love to some of the individuals who really did help me through my toughest times. Mom and Dad, you're there all the time. Even when I did (and do) what you KNOW is wrong, tell me is wrong and I do it anyways. I love you both with all my heart. Little sis, you rock my world. Seriously. When the times got really tough, I could always call you. You didn't always say much but you always listened. Thanks for that. Dan, my man. You were often in the line of fire but you always took it, even when I was way out of line. I love you honey.

Now enough with the sentimental stuff. I'm 26 today. Ten years ago, if you'd asked me where I would be at 26 I'm positive that my answer would be NOTHING like where I'm actually at but you know what? I'm quite happy with my life. It's all good.


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