A Sober Recount of NIN

Yes. Feeling a little more level headed this afternoon. I was just soooo excited I had to post SOMETHING when I got home. Indeed, it was a fantastic show that went on for a good 2 hours. It's no wonder the lights came up immediately after they left the stage...

I managed to take a shower when I got home last night. I smelled. BAD. It's been a long time since I wandered into a sweat filled mosh pit. It was AWESOME. Surprisingly, I found it pretty tame. I guess after a couple of these, you learn to protect yourself. I do have some hideous bruises on my back, ribs and thighs (looks like a boot kick...bastard) but miraculously, my arms are AOKAY (good thing too! The only thing that was clean for work today is a sleeveless).

After the smuggled-in vodka (the joys of ziplog bags and padded bras) and beer, I was more than a little buzzed but, after the insanity of the floor, we decided to head out for a drink and some chow. Everything was pretty much closed by the time we managed to get out and so we ended up at one of the local peeler joints drinking MGD and semi watching a girl with a really bad boob job. All in all, an unforgetable night.

Thanks sis.


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