It pays to have a really *HOT* sister


I'ts 2:10 AM and I just walked in the door from one of the best nights of my life.

NIN was fuckin' awesome. Truly one of the best shows I've EVER seen. We had great seats. Right up front (as close as you could get other than the floor). My hot looking sister managed to catch the eye of the security guard who was watching our "area" and he invited her to go onto the floor. We were waiting for her friend to arrive. Clauds went to get her friend and the security guard went on break. Finaly, the girls arrived but the security guy was gone. Ten minutes in and he came back. A bunch of girls came down from the other rows trying to get tickets but no luck. Finally, Clauds goes down to talk to him. She puts her hand in his dresshirt pockets and pulls something out. She came waltzing up and said he could only get two floor tix. The sweety that she is, she gave it to me and told me to go. "Have a great B-day" she said. I took all my stuff, including the $75 sweatshirt I bought when I walked in the door, and went off. She must have talked to the guy again because not 5 minutes later, she and her friend came onto the floor.

We jumped into the moshpit like there was no tomorrow. The girls crowdserfed whiled I held on to 3 bags and my new sweatshirt like they were the only thing left in the world. By the time they got back, I felt like I had taken a shower in sweat. All three of us were beyond pasty.

Needless to say, it was an AMAZING show. I managed to squeeze myself into the front and saw Trent up close. WOW. That was the best b-day gift EVER.

After the show, we met up with a few friends from Claud's work for a couple of drinks. Then her best friend came by and we ended up getting a ride home rather than having to take a cab. Sweetness.

I've had a few too many drinks but I had to put this down. Honestly, best show ever. And I've seen Trent a bunch of times.

Time for bed. Taking the morning off of work (YEY) but other than that, all else is back to normal until the BDM on Friday night! :)


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