WOW. When I moved over here from blogger hell, I figured I'd try this earth tagging thingy (or whatever it is you call it) to give me the cool little link on the right there that says how many other bloggers are near me. Well, I recently noticed a second link and this morning, I finally checked it out.

Low an behold, there's my upcoming bookcrossing meeting, and the firefly meetup and the german language meetup.....and VCON! How the heck??!?! Turns out that the great people over there are all tied into meetup and it automatically pulls upcoming meeting info. Cool eh? So what are you waiting for? Check it out! If you're in Vancouver, we may see you at one of the meetings otherwise, check out your local area!

See that! It was soooo cool I had to move it up from the bottom of my nav bar! :)


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