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I've just realized that although I've been very diligent about reading and responding to comments and blogs, I haven't made an entry in a few days. It's been rather uneventful. I've been fighting off a sore throat that has now turned into a combo with a runny nose and slightly droopy, tired eyes. Other than that, I'm feeling great (sort of).

I have to go shopping for a costume tonight for a Halloween party we're going to on Saturday night. To boot, tomorrow morning I'm cooking up 2 lasagna's (I can NEVER spell that right and I'm too lazy to look it up. Sorry.) for the party so I'll be a busy little cook. We're not planning to come home Saturday night. Instead, we're packing the sleeping bags and crashing in some corner of the house. It'll be fun! I just have to figure out when I'm going to prepare my presentation for English class on Tuesday night!

I've been assigned the "fall" of the USSR. The research is pretty much done and I have an idea for the presentation. He doesn't want us to use overheads but rather, wants us to be 'creative'. I've decided on doing a breaking news segment. It's going to be called "Time Travel News" because I'm going to have reporters at different locations and years 'reporting' happenings that lead to the fall. And because I'm doing this by myself, I finally figured out that the best thing to do is to record every segment on my laptop. It'll look much better than pressing play on a tape recorder! :)

I'll have to let you guys know how it goes! :)

So I think this is probably it until Monday so have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the festivities (if you happen to be heading out to any big parties) and we'll be back to regular programming on Monday! :)


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