Improv, Flash Mobs and Me

It started off simply enough. Leeny sent me a link to a cool (if strange) thing called "Mobile Desktop" where an Improv group in NY took their desktop computers to a Starbucks and used them, essentially, as lap tops.

I started reading a bit more about the group and clicking through trying to find out if there was a local Improv group like this one that I could join for an event. A bunch of clicks later I ended up at Improv Everywhere Global and from there, a Facebook Group which recently had their first "freeze".

I've joined the FB group and am looking forward to the next one. I've always been interested in participating in something like this (I walked into the middle of one at the VPL steps a few years back) and it looks like now I'll get the chance to.

All because of a little link meant as comedy relief.

And for fun, here's a video of the Vancouver Freeze.

Photo of the Vancouver Freeze from Flickr and taken by Mark Klotz.


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