Cover It Live Adds Cool Features

Some time back I gave the live blogging tool Cover It Live a whirl. It worked out great for both my NV coverage and for the Row Three Oscars live blog but it did have a few speedbumps, mostly that every comment had to be approved, something that turns into a bit of a hair pulling activity when you have a busy discussion as we did during the Oscar chat, and the fact that there could only be one moderator. We struggled through but the tool, even with its hiccups, allowed for a much smoother discussion than a traditional live blog. Now CIT has added a couple of new features that is sure to make current users happy and likely entice those sitting in the wigs.

Highlights of the recent upgrades include:

- Multi-authored live blogging which allows more than one producer/panelist to help run the event

- 'Always Allow' Reader Comments which allows producers to set comments from certain readers to be approved automatically, saving the producer from having to manually approve every comment

- Standby Mode that makes it easier to cover full day event without having to set up individual blogs for each event

- Download Completed Live Blogs so that you can save a transcript and host it on your blog directly

There are a few other fun upgrades but those cover all of my complaints. Now more than ever I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to use the service!


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