Sci-Fi Cathedrals and Other Strange Phenomena

I don't know how it happened but at some point a few months back, I ended up at a post titled "top 10 physically modified people". It was an interesting, if bizzare, read and on a whim, I added the feed to my RSS reader.

Over the last few months, I've been beyond impressed by depudog's absolutely amazing posts of some of the strangest and most innovative architectural and oddball things. Essentially, every post makes me say wow and scratch my head that I'd never known about it.

The most recent is his entry on the Chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. AWESOME. Check it out here.

And be sure to dig through his archives. There's some truly amazing stuff in there.

Also, there are some amazing photographs of the Cathedral on Flickr.

Picture from Flickr care of Martin Third.


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