319 Cinema: Vancouver's Hidden Jewel

So well hidden, in fact, that I didn't find out about it until a few months ago when the First Weekend Club started using the facilities for their special screenings. Still haven't been out there, Leeny and I are headed out there for a pre-screening of "The Stone Angel" tonight, but I thought I'd put up a few photos that I tracked down since I don't believe I'll be able to get photos that look quite this good.

The exterior:

The lobby:

The screen:

And the most exciting thing of all, the seats:

According to the official website, those are "red leather club chairs". And maybe it's just me but those look like foot rests too.......OMG.

So yes, I'm pretty excited. Not just to check out the film but to test run this fantastic venue.

The down and dirty, hopefully with a few pictures, will be coming along tomorrow!


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