Monday Night Boredom

I'm home on a Monday night. Doesn't happen often but here we are, me at home with the rest of "Jimmy Carter Man from Plains" (about an hour left to go) and no interest whatsoever to finish it. I also have a bunch of reviews that I need to finish including "Deception" (crap), "Then She Found Me" (good) and "Savage Grace" (undecided) but all of it seems to require a little too much effort at the moment.

Instead, I'm spending my time downloading the new NIN album. Yes, Trent and the gang has released yet another free album. I love the way this is going - I download the music for free and then I get to buy the album direct from NIN. I don't have to but I'm what they call a "completionist". I have a mild obsession with collecting all of the halo titles.

If you're interested in checking out some great free music, be sure to head over to The Slip official site for your download link.

[Download just completed. Am unpacking the zip file and will be listening in a few short minutes]

Didn't manage to get out to the drive in on the weekend but we did head out to "Iron Man" (my expanded thoughts here) on Saturday. I had fun but was generally indifferent. RDJ was, as expected, fabulous.

Enough rambling for now. Off to try and get some work done.


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Rosie said...

I'd like to see Iron Man for Robert Downey Jr!

May 06, 2008 10:54 a.m.

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